Pictures of my Bengal Leopard Cat

More Coming As Soon As I Get A Digital Camera!

Walter is my Bengal Leopard Cat. He was born in September of 2001. His registration name is Moonraker Big Train Johnson. Moonraker is the name of the cattery we got him from, in Mount Vernon, WA. I've referred to him as the best damn thing I've ever spent money on. Since Bengal kittens are a hard to find I'm delighted to have him as my little buddy. He loves people and he's a real cutey.

Walter in his expensive bed he never sleeps in. Silly kitty.
This is the bed I special ordered for the cat. Who could resist the leopard kitty in a snow leopard bed? Don't blink though. The longest he ever sat in it may have been so I could take this picture. Ungrateful little bugger!

Walter on the bed. He is so cute.
Here's my little angel. Ain't he adorable?