Mark Armor's Faction Trap Information Page

A little about Mark Armor Grandmaster Faction Trap Remover

I am the resident trap remover for the Shadowlords of the Pacific Shard. Due to exceptional support from other Shadowlords, I've had fabulous success removing traps belonging to our enemies. I've received death threats from enemies, praise from allies and "special" attention from opponents during raids on their bases. I was invited to join the Earth Serphent Fang [ESF] Shadowlord faction guild in the beginning days and haven't looked back. I've received thousands upon thousands of silver doing little besides removing traps for my allies.

I often get asked what skills and equipment would make a successful faction rogue.

I recommend GM Hiding, GM Stealthing, GM Lockpicking (make tons of gold opening dungeon chests), GM Detecting Hidden, GM Remove Traps, GM Stealing (so you can steal sigils) Magery (70.1, never fail Recall) and Tracking (29.9, locate enemy thieves for your allies). Your main method of defense will be hiding and stealthing and relying on your allies. You won't kill many people, but I try using wands of lightening (check the pic above before laughing!). An ethereal mount so you don't lose your horse everytime you need to stealth would be an excellent piece of equipment. I also carry the following 'newbie items': Newbie Clothes, Newbie Lockpicks, Runebooks with lots of charges and full of useful faction related locations, A Boat, Faction Trap Removal Kits, Faction Trap Deeds and Newbie Hatchet (for chopping enemy blocking items). I pick up reagants that I find on the ground, but mostly I require no resources and rarely leave anything for the enemy to gain.

Removing a trap.

You will need at a minimum 50.0 Lockpicking, 50.0 Detecting Hidden, 75.1 Remove Traps and a Faction Trap Removal Kit.

Reveal the trap with Detecting Hidden and then use the Remove Traps skill to remove it.

Reward for removing a trap.

You will recieve 100 silver MINUS the facton tithe rate. You can check the faction's current tithe rate at your faction stone.

Skill levels needed for decent success.

GM Detecting Hidden, 50.0 Lockpicking and 85.1 Remove Traps will give you enough success to pay for your Faction Trap Removal Kits. GM Detecting Hidden is recommended because the traps were made harder to reveal in Spring of 2001. GM Detecting Hidden gives you a message when you come into the vicinity of a faction trap.

Faction Trap Removal Kit.

Cost to create: 500 silver and some ingots. You will need a Faction Tinker with 90.1 or more skill to make them. The tinker does not need to be in a faction town to make them. They last for 25 attempts regardless of success. You receive no message when they disapear.

Making a Faction Trap.

Faction traps are created by faction tinkers of 90.1 or more Tinkering skill.

Getting silver for placing a trap

You receive 20 silver if a trap you placed damages an opponent faction member. You receive 40 silver if your trap inflicts a fatal blow. You can only get silver if the person hurt/killed could have given you silver.

When an enemy who is not at -6 kill points is damaged/killed by one of your traps you get silver. This player then goes on your recent victims list. Until 5 different people step on one of your traps he will remain on the list. You cannot get silver from people on this list. Once enough people have been damaged/killed, the person at the beginning of the list is bumped off and can give silver again.

Number of traps.

A faction can only have 15 traps total.

For the purpose of collecting silver from traps damaging opponents, all your traps work as one big trap


I noticed something a bit odd when I put two explodes at Britain healers.

If someone ran over both in succession, they would usually die. I should've gotten 60 silver (20 for hurting them on the first one and 40 for the kill on the second one). NOPE. I would only get the silver for the injury and none for the kill. Seems there is only ONE list for all your traps, essentially they count as 1 big trap as far as silver collection goes.

Further investigation seems to show that there is also a time limit before the same person can give an additional reward, regardless of their point total.